Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in Florida...2008 Adventure

Mike and I have returned to Florida, after a wonderful 134 days ( Mike has to be accurate!!!) on the road. The dogs and cat can't figure out why we are stationary and in some ways neither can we!!!!!
During our travels we were in 10 States.
Traveled 4,940 miles.
Stayed in 30 campgrounds.
Met some wonderful people, saw great sites and ate wonderful food.
Misty,Sydney and Dusty, were great travelers and the pups thrived amazingly, Misty is now 13lbs 3 ozs, and Sydney is 5lbs 4 ozs.
We spent time with our friends Theresa and Charlie in Tennessee and met our friends Gary and Sheila in Alabama.
All in all it was a wonderful trip and look forward to repeating our adventure next year, when we plan to travel the Mississippi and West.
I will post pictures ....from our last stop in Gulf Shores, AL ,Mobile and Pensacola, FL.
Off the road,
Jan and Mike

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chattanooga and Alabama

Mike and I got a little sidetracked on our way back to Florida..:) We met up with our friends Charlie and Cleveland TN. That is right outside Chattanooga, and spent 4 days seeing some of the sites and just basically hanging out. The weather wasn't too cooperative, but we did get to the Incline Railway,which takes you to the top of Lookout Mountain. From there (if the skies are clear) you can see The Great Smoky Mountains, which are over a 100 miles away. We all would have liked to explore more but the rain, wasn't going to allow us much walking time, so we ate and drank and basically had a great time!!!!! Okay so now it was time to continue back to Florida....NAH!!!!!!!!!..Alabama was calling our names..We landed in Pelham AL, yesterday..Pelham is right outside Birmingham. Tonight, we will meet Gary and Sheila Whitfield for dinner and laughs. Gary and Mike worked together at Bonsal before Mike retired. The pups are growing like weeds, and they and Dusty Cat have formed "the how to drive Mom and Dad crazy club".. Since we are in Alabama, we will move on down the road to our next stop, Gulf Shores. From there Mike and I are looking forward to revisiting Mobile and Pensacola..And then perhaps we will all be on our way home..OR NOT!!!
From the road,
Jan and Mike

Friday, October 3, 2008

Farm Day...Before and after

When last we spoke,Mike and I were working our way South to the farm. We spent a few days back at Kinzers, PA there were some stops we had missed our first time there. Now, I don't want to offend anyone, but I for one have always wondered, where Christ might live if He were alive today..see the pictures for the answer!!! We also attended a rally in Hershey, PA. The rally was a great stop and we met some new fellow travelers and one that I had known many, many years ago. Steve who was the wagon master, grew up across the street from my parents, and we had some great laughs. It really is a very small world!!!! Mike and I went to Hershey World and enjoyed the tour of the "factory", they now have set up for "Tourista's" like us..LOL
Of course one cannot leave Hershey, without candy...need I say more..:). We arrived at Robin and Mark's on Saturday, and cannot thank them enough, Mark had arranged to have 50 Amp electric installed so we were able to park the Motorhome on the farm. The dogs thought this was great, and met many of their furry counterparts..:).. Sunday was Farm Day, this was the 8th year, it was being held. The day started out gray, but improved as the morning progressed. Unfortunately, we had a storm about half way through, and many who attended were forced under tents that had been set up for various events. Mike along with Betty ( Robin's cousin) were assigned Ice Cream duty, and had help from two of the girls from Samantha's school. West Nottingham Academy had a group of schoolmates,who came to help and received credit for community service. I as usual did my Dinner's at the Farm, and this year Robin has started cooking classes. She will have several guest chef's and has generated quite abit of interest so far. On Tuesday we moved on and spent the night in Milford, VA. We are now in High Point, NC for a few days. Yesterday, Mike and I went to see "The Largest Chest of Drawers" what a hoot!!!!! Needless to say, we are having a grand time, not certain where we will head from here, but the adventure will continue!!!!!!
From the road,
Jan and Mike