Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Photo's of our travel family

Dustycat has a very hard she is guarding the coach..:)
Martybear and Mr Q have become very good friends, which if Dusty were awake she would tell you doesn't sit very well with her..LOL

Reno and Lake Tahoe

Mike and I spent a day wandering around Reno and took a ride to see Lake Tahoe..cold and MORE SNOW!!!!

More SNOW in Verdi

I do believe the pictures say a thousand words!!!!!

Donner Pass on the way to Verdi,NV

After a short stay in Napa, CA, we pulled up stakes and headed to Verdi,NV about 8 miles west of Reno. To get there it we had to go through Donner that seemed an easy task..UNTIL it started to SNOW!!!! And snow it did, obviously theses were taken through the window..LOL

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hog's Breath Inn, Clint didn't show!!!

Mike took me to the Hog's Breath Inn,located in Carmel By The Sea. The Inn is owned by Clint Eastwood, and he had promised to join us for dinner..LOL..obviously he never showed..:(.. We had a great meal in a fun and beautiful setting.

Pebble Beach and Upper Big Sur

Since we had driven the lower part of Big Sur, we took off to finish the drive. Starting in Monterey we drove THE 1 back down to Gorda. This took us across some amazing bridges and the drive is just spectacular. The ride around the 17 mile drive of Pebble Beach was a sight to see. Big McMansions lining the coast,behind large fences or gates. The Golf Courses, Pebble Beach and Spyglass were truly beautiful. Of course you must pay a Toll to the Troll before they allow such earthlings as us to enter hollowed ground..LOL


Mike and I visited the Aquarium in Monterey Bay and walked Cannery Row, what a blast into the past!!!! Unfortunately all the Sardine Factories are gone and the area has become a mecca for tourists. Monterey Bay is beautiful and the area is wonderful.

Morro Bay, Lower Big Sur and Gorda

Morro Bay, known for the BIG ROCK, that sits in the middle, what an incredible site!!! Mike and I drove from Morro Bay to Gorda along Route 1, which is the lower half of Big Sur. Elephant Seals are protected along the beach, and at one of the viewing sites, several squirrels, have made nests and come out to beg food and other goodies from , what I'm certain they feel are THEIR PEOPLE!!!!

We stopped at Gorda, and met a German couple that had rented a van, what a hoot, it was painted to look like a 60's flower child van!!!! While there, we were fortunate to see a Migrating Whale. We drove back toward Morro Bay in time to catch a magnificent sunset!!!!


Solvang, an old Danish town, streets filled with chocolate stores and pastry shops!!!! A chocoholics dream..Mike and I wandered the shops and had a taste here and there..LOL..We have decided it is possible to eat and drink our way across California, but Martybear says we need to be careful, we could end up looking like stuffed people!!!!!

Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach, what a beautiful stop along the road!!! Cold very very cold, Mike teased me because I had on several layers of clothing..:) Amazing sunsets, and clear water made for a perfect setting.


We spent a week at Pechanga in Temecula, and returned to some of our favorite wineries..That's me doing the happy dance, after we found some wine , we liked. The day we visited Temecula they were having a road rod show, and one guy was pulling a very old Airstream wannabe. what a hoot!!!!