Thursday, January 7, 2010


We are now protected by the "Roaming Ish's"...:)When Mike's brother Brian , was here he stated "we are the Ish's" Mike and Brian are Ir"ish" and Dianne and I are Jew"ish" therefore we are The Ish's. Mike and I found these wonderful Gnome's and of course they have become our "Roaming Ish's". They shine brightly at night, and protect all of us from unwanted things that go "Bump in the night"...LOL..
We are proud to introduce all of you to the newest members of our traveling family.
From the road,
Jan,Mike,Martybear,Dustycat and "The Ish's"

The adventure continues

I have been terribly remiss in keeping our blog up to date, and have had a tongue lashing from Martybear..LOL. Mike, I and the crew have traveled Utah, Nevada,and a few sights in California.We spent Thanksgiving in Pahrump ( we are at Terrible's Lakeside RV Park) with Mike's brother Brian and his lady friend Dianne. Robin and family joined us here for Christmas, and Jim and Kenneth met us in Las Vegas. We made stops at the Hoover Dam, China Ranch Date Farm, Death Valley and of course The Freemont Experience in Las Vegas. Zion National Park in Utah was a particular favorite, and while there we spent a lovely evening with old friends of Mike's Lois and David who live in St George. Our 4th air conditioner was replaced and installed in Bullhead City,AZ and so far is working well. Pahrump has been a great stay and the Casino God's have seen fit to shine upon us!!! The Casino here is small and you Swipe your Card to get goodies of various types. Let's just say we haven't paid for a dinner in a month!!! We have met some very nice folks along the way, and hope to catch up with many again.
What we have learned is that the "Nomadic Life" suits us quite well and we plan to spend the rest of 2010 on the road. We leave here on Sunday, with a stop at Avi (which is outside of Laughlin) and then onto Quartzsite,AZ for the RV show.
The above requires a disclaimer, "It is in no particular order" and that is what happens when you are old, and don't keep up with things..:) That my firends is a direct quote from Martybear!!! I have attached some pictures and once again they are in no particular order..:)
From the road,
Jan , Mike,Martybear and Dustycat