Monday, June 8, 2009


Mike,I and the crew (Dustycat and Martybear) arrived in Colorado Springs the day after Memorial day. The drive across Kansas was boring and long, but once we drove west, toward the Springs,the landscape became dramatic!! Colorado is a beautiful state,where the mountains and areas surrounding them are awesome. We have been staying in a campground approximately 17 miles south of Colorado Springs. My old friends, Kenneth and Jim, visited and we spent a great evening, Martybear ,enjoyed meeting them both unfortunately after a wee bit too much beer, had a dreadful hangover, and wasn't able to join us for a few days after..LOL..
We toured some of the sites,and The Garden of the Gods, was an incredible drive and the vistas were vivid and awesome. The Cliff Dwellings, where Indians actually lived was another incredible stop...Mike surprised me with a drive to Cripple Creek, an old gambling and Gold Mining town in the mountains. It was an absolute hoot,with storefront casino's and some great dining, we actually won on the nickel slots!!!!.
Doug and Margaret McClatchie,friends from Florida,were also in the area, and we spent a nice visit. Mike's counsin Dolores and her family, live in Monument, and we had a visit and had dinner with them. Mike and I both laughed,that we had more company in Colorado, than we ever do in Florida..:)
Mike had been working here, but after a minor accident(his words) we decided it was time to spend sometime out of the coach!!! So last week Kenneth had us for dinner,and even I must admit he cooked a great meal!!!! Even served on Plates with REAL silverware..LOL..Seriously it was a wonderful evening and Mike and I both enjoyed ourselves..On Saturday,we packed a small bag and headed out to Denver/Golden, for a well deserved overnight.
We stopped at Buffalo Bill's Museum and Grave, which is located on Lookout Mountain. How fascinating this stop was,the history of Buffalo Bill, and his legacy and life is a story that was told via picture and actual memorabilia. That evening, Jim joined us for dinner and drinks..and on Sunday, Mike and I did "The Coors Brewery Tour", they truly do a great job, and guess what!!! Its FREE, they even force Beer on you,:)..actually they offer a tasting at the end of the tour, and for those of us OVER 21, we were offered 3 glasses of any of their products on Draft..
We returned to the Springs,last evening, and tomorrow morning, we are moving on. We will be workamping in Dolores, Colorado for the next 3-4 months. Dolores is in the Southern corner of the State, situated between Cortez and Durango. We understand the drive will be awesome!!!!
So Y'all come visit, our door is always open..:)
From the road,
Jan and Mike